Chinese Dance workshops


Exploring the rich traditions of the celebratory festival of the Chinese new year and the flamboyant colors.


The Chinese dance workshops introduce the ancient traditional Dragon dances to the children learning expanding their knowledge and creativity in the workshops.


The Chinese dance is performed to scare evil spirits and to bring good luck, fortune, and wisdom. The children will learn about historical facts and traditions of the Chinese culture experiencing authentic Chinese dance styles with beautiful hand sequences and gestures, and techniques while working with their peers to create art. 

These Chinese dance workshops are aimed at EYS, KS1, KS2, and KS3.


Structure of Workshop


When structuring your workshop day VG educational dance workshops are happy to work around the school timetable as we understand schools in different areas and cities have different timetables throughout their day.


When structuring your workshop sessions we recommend appropriate timing for the following frameworks;


- 30 minutes KS1 sessions   

- 40 minutes KS2 sessions



Breakdown of the Workshop session 

-  Introduction to the topic-based dance workshop theme exploring the culture and fun facts.
- Dance Warm-up and movement games working with class peers. 
- Learn a fun dance routine aimed at all abilities within the class. 
- The dance routines will be performed at the end of the workshop.

"Please note all dance routines learned throughout your full-day workshops can be performed in assembly. This will be assisted and guided by Vivian Gayle." ​

Cost & Length 


Half-day workshops 

£300.00 - £350.00 (Morning or afternoon) - 2/3 hours 

(Price varies depending on school location)

Full-day workshops 

£400.00 - £450.00 (All day) - 5/6 hours 

(Price varies depending on school location)