Vivian Gayle has worked with some of the biggest dance competition events companies in the UK working on the panel team as a judge. His professional experience working in the industry and his knowledge in a variety of styles make him a great asset for adjudicating at competitions and festivals at all levels. 

Having trained at the Urdang academy in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Street, Tap, Partner work, Physical theatre, Singing, acting and performed all over the world professionally , these high calibre experiences have given him a great understanding in the foundations and techniques of each style.  

He is calm, confident and very approachable adjudicator who is always prepared to give truthful feedback and make sure all participants understand their critique.


Vivian scores his competitors fairly leaving helpful comments in order for the person to improve. His marking and comments are based on the following areas;

  • Content/technique

  • Personality/Showmanship 

  • Dynamics - Light/shade/Energy levels 

  • Musicality 

  • Presentation