Celebrate the queen's jubilee by exploring the journey through the dance through the decades. The Queens jubilee dance workshops are brilliant to introduce the various dance styles of the eras to children's education. 

Many styles of dance can be covered in these dance workshops. They include 

The 20s- Charleston 

The 40s - Swing dance

The 50s - Rock and Roll 

The 60’s – Motown dance 

The 70’s – Disco

The 80’s – Hip-Hop dance 

The 90’s – Cheesy pop 

The 00s - Street



We offer Half day (3 hours) or whole day workshops (6 hours) to all ages and abilities across the UK.
When structuring the workshop day we are happy to work around the school timetable, but we suggest that an appropriate timing of between 30 minutes to 90 minutes works well for each class.

Structure of Workshop

- Introduction to the dance style
- Dance Warm up
- Learn a Choreographed dance routine
- Performance of the routine learnt during the workshop, this can either be at the end of the workshop or in an assembly at the end of the school day.
- Cool down